Which seat? I know, I could probably look up Mr Shepard's address in the phone book myself and figure out which district he lives in, but then I'd know and you guys still wouldn't. Who is he running against, and who gets to vote for/against him?
Thank you.

Now, onto the fact that his treasurer doesn't actually know which seat he is running for. It is a lot like like running for the US Senate and not knowing which state you are representing... Did they try to hire Jasun Wurster, but he was too busy having a potluck with his "thousands" of volunteers and so they got this guy instead? Seriously, it should be on the letterhead, the guy should have known it before he even interviewed for the job.
Duke would be running for an open position. Both Rod Park (district one, Gresham - Troutdale - Happy Valley - East Portland area) and I are not eligible to run again for our current seats.

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