The Naked Cowboy is running for president. For the Tea Party.

I think he may have a few obstacles ahead of him in grabbing a "Tea Party nomination," since he happens to be someone who makes a living off his own nudity, and is trying to appeal to the same voters who bought THIS TAPE in the '90s and are still afraid the Clintons want to kill them.

Naked Cowboy, you're just too sexy to be the rescuer of America's Christians from genocide. Even cleaned up, you're still standing in front of campaign posters donning the silhouette of your unholy man bulge. And if there's anything a good Christian mamma grizzly hates, it's an unholy man bulge. Except for Christine O'Donnell; she's a fan.

Thank you, poeTV, for helping me find two unrelated things to creatively link together so as to generalize people I don't agree with.