The Reverend Chuck Currie, a liberal local police accountability and civil rights advocate, apparently has himself a new follower on Twitter—right wing talk show host Victoria Taft—and it looks like things have already gotten off on the wrong foot. Quite dramatically.

First off, Currie's welcome wasn't all that warm.


Which Taft promptly noted on her blog.

Keep preaching "tolerance," Chuck!

Oh, and, if you're keeping book: political speech is now "hate" speech. Being conservative in this town automatically makes you a 'hater' in Pastor Currie's world.

Stay classy, Chuck!

Which then drew an equally tart retort from Currie.

(I've been told her website is now down...perhaps a sign from above? :) I expect she'll be back.)

Not at all, Victoria. I've even voted for Republicans (Oregon used to produce some pretty darn good Republicans, after all. Remember Mark Hatfield?). And most conservatives I know are not hateful people. Do you think they are?

Haters are people like you, Victoria, who use the airways to make money by beating up on gays and lesbians—demanding that their civil rights be taken away or denied—and other vulnerable people. You belittle an anti-bullying campaign to protect gay and lesbian students by calling it "Prayer In School...For Gays."

Why post the back and forth? I confess. I really just wanted an excuse to remind everybody about this. (And, no, she's not my type.)