Voter impersonation? Who cares?

We have government agencies (note: multiple) that specialize in rigging elections. This nation has a long history of it. I'm not just talking about the CIA, you can include the State Department and the DoD - those agencies overtly operate in the United States.

You could give me $15 million dollars and I'll rig the national election for you. Do you really think the 70-year old "election monitor volunteers" can't be fooled?

The politicos know that national results boil down to just a handful of swing counties within swing states. You target those - how many are there? 5, 10, 15? Those are the places that actually determined the last several national elections...

Anyone remember the 2000 election and George Bush, the hanging Chads in his brother's state? Remember, Watergate was the sitting president of the United States breaking into the opposition's HQ to steal sensitive files in a deliberate attempt to undermine the election. Here in this article is more evidence of the existing political parties trying to undermine the rights of citizens by silencing their vote. This article isn’t ground breaking journalism, as this practice by political fractions goes back at least 100 years.

The elections are totally rigged, and if you don't believe it, you simply have your head in the sand and are deliberately trying to ignore history because you know exactly how alarming it is that our nation's democracy is long gone - and so we ignore it because we are too afraid to confront it. This nation has the capability to rig elections through existing institutions, and clearly this article documents a deliberate effort to skew results, so what would stop these people from outright voter-fraud, or stealing boxes of ballots? Morals?'s a fucking sham.
Here's a great video showing voter suppression yesterday in N.H.…
"Voter Fraud is Rare"...this message brought to you by Diebold.…

"Voting machines used by as many as a quarter of American voters heading to the polls in 2012 can be hacked with just $10.50 in parts and an 8th grade science education, according to computer science and security experts at the Vulnerability Assessment Team at Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois"
Why isn't Georgia included in that list? There's a thoroughly draconian photo ID law in place there. Plus, it's Georgia.
Good notice, El - the same should go for FL, KY, AZ, LO, and OK too... at least. As someone who grew up in GA, i can tell you just how bad it WAS. I say that b/c in the 6+ years since i've moved away from that awful state, things have certainly gotten way worse!

So-call "voter fraud' is such a load of BULLSHIT! It virtually does not exist at all. So Andy, please, would you kindly shut the fuck up?
"It virtually does not exist at all." Voter fraud should be ZERO.
"So Andy, please, would you kindly shut the fuck up?" Do you use that language around kids? No I won't shut up and I won't go away. You children should not live in an echo machine.
Yes, Andy, whereas pointing out that the president's initials are also short for "body odor" is the height of maturity.

What does that video prove, except that if you wanted to commit voter fraud in a few places you could? There are lots of chances for each of us to break laws every day with little chance of consequence if we actually wanted to. The fact that actually committing voter fraud is a felony and has pretty steep penalty seems like a heavy enough deterrent. The focus should be on enforcement of existing laws rather than make it more difficult for people to exercise one of the most fundamental rights of citizenship.
The law wouldn't have required proof of citizenship to vote, but to register to vote. A fine line, but still.
I think what Beavertron Andy's video proves is that James O'Keefe is a felon. Hopefully his self-incriminating evidence will finally be used as such this time.

Real people, the ones who believe in the rule of law, and who - despite FA's contention - believe that democracy is worth a shot (debatable) choose not to go to a polling place to lie and break federal laws.

Really good hero though, Andy.
"James O'Keefe is a felon"
Put some money on that. I'm betting you will be seeing more and more examples of an election system that is full of holes, but first you're going to have to pull your head out of a hole.
it is not a true election if the Progressive party is not allowed to debate and are being ignored by the corporate media. NO GOP for me NO obama--give me a third party choice

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