After the back-and-forth dust up between mayoral candidates Charlie Hales and Jefferson Smith over money, money, and money, Smith today announced what donations he'll take in the mayor's race and what he won't:

1. No corporate contributions.
2. A limit on individual contributions of $1,000. (And an average donation of $200 or less going forward).
3. A cap on overall spending of $500,000 or the combined level of spending from the Hales campaign and any independent expenditures, whichever is greater.
4. Posting all contributions on the campaign website within three business days of receipt.
5. Discouraging independent expenditures.
6. Bringing a campaign finance proposal forward to the city and the state after the election, win or lose.

Hales vowed in June to take no more than $600 from any individual and refuse out-of-state contributions.

So far, Smith has spent $529,000 in the race and Hales has spent $720,000.