Regarding the $26.5 million dollars, was that net profits, or revenue?
@fidelity - that's revenue. The Fund's profits (after salaries and expenses) for 2010 were $2.3 million.
How can a nonprofit have profits? They must be reinvesting them somehow. More details, please.
$26.5 million / 10,500 employees = $2,523 per employee. How many of these kids quit after one day on the job when they realize they're not cut out to annoy people on a professional basis?
@Paul, this is what Google is for. A non-profit will eventually spend that money (and by spend, I mean give it to a another company for "services" that turns around and cuts a bonus back to executives).

@ElGordo - $219 in profit per employee.

Can we throw out the concept that giving to canvassers on the street is a good idea now?

I overheard a super pissy canvasser lady today at lunch, she was yelling at some dude, “If we all just collectively decided to create jobs, we could all have jobs. But *some people* don’t want to create jobs, and that’s why we’re trying to collect money, to get jobs for people.”

Then there was the black dude representing the Southern Poverty Law Center, I wanted to ask him how he thinks the SPLC and DHS categorizes the Black Panthers, but I didn’t feel like ruining his day. If you're not aware, a board member on the SPLC is with the Department of Homeland Security, the same people who called returning veterans and Ron Paul supporters “potential terrorists”. DHS and SPLC routinely work together to arbitrarily label radical groups as “hate groups” or “extremist groups” in order to delegitimize them.

The people quietly collecting soda cans from the trash have more dignity than canvassers, and they are the ones we should be giving money to. Help the poor directly, don't help a charity help the poor.

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