I finally gave in and looked up the website connected with those silly King Obama stickers I've seen on stop signs. I'm glad I did. Maybe I'm just missing the thrill of the last presidential election, but it was an absolute treat to relive some of the worst arguments against the president's reelection ever offered.

The site starts you off with this political essay:


In using this image of our king Photoshopped to look like a jester, the author is creating a powerful statement. What statement is not clear, so we should turn to the letters included around his head. Since Obamahead doesn't look anything like the letter I, I can only assume the image is trying to spell something more complicated like EVERLASTING GOBSTERS ET AL.

But who is this mysterious crazy person with $15/year to buy a web domain and the same on stickers to market it? Let's check the "About" page.

Instead of the usual historical or biographical information, the page only has a picture of the words "King Obama" written in concrete and this caption:

"A self fulfilling prophecy, etched into the side walk at Punahou school in Hawaii where Obama attended as a 5th grader are the words 'KING OBAMA'. This site is dedicated to the man 'Barack Hussein Obama II' All hail King Obama."

Ah yes, one of those "self fulfilling prophecies". Apparently writing this in the concrete made it happen. Not sure how, since it didn't happen and that's not possible, but it's a striking image to explain your project.

And the project really could use some explaining. "King" is such a strange way to insult somebody who was elected. For him to be king, he'd have to inherent the thrown from his dad. And that's not possible because, like the president, his dad is from Kenya.

"Bad president Obama" would at least make it sound somewhat credible. If you wanted to use the actual thesis of the site, "President I disagree with Obama" would be much better. It's kinda long, but the URL is available.

The site is in disuse (it seems like it was "designed" for the 2012 election) which is a shame. I would love to read the follow-up to his prescient post "Obama to surrender America after Re-election."

It wasn't great at predicting the future, but I predict it'll remain up until the owner decides it isn't worth $15/year when you can just be crazy in the comments on other sites.