Sanders polls higher among women in your own age group than Clinton does. I guess you can call them "erstwhile manarchists" if you want to!
Jane wasn't a president. How is this any different than asking GW about his pops, asking Jeb about GW.. She is married to a former president and is vying for the same position. It's important that we understand the distinction between the two.

Furthermor, how is calling Sanders supporters "erstwhile manarchists" not sexist? Bernie is leading Hillary in support from women 18-34 by almost 20 points.
And way to quote your own tweet.
Your argument that her being the First Lady didn't help her in politics is some weak shit. Looking at the people who support a candidate because of his message and voting record and then calling them "manarchist" is dismissive and screams of your own bias and ignorance. She voted for the Iraq war because it was seen as popular. She is a war criminal and you are a shill who's head is so far up your own women's studies filled ass that you actually believe her to be capable of making good decisions. We aren't looking for a hardcore liberal we are looking for a human that doesn't have the blood of thousands of kids on their hands.
Ha, the term manarchist is going mainstream, but it doesn't look like it's being used properly. It's typically used by progressive types to refer to anarchists who like to smashy smashy, as a way to delegitimize street fighting and other confrontational tactics and make invisible the women who engage in them. If manarchists weren't being so patriarchal, they'd just vote for Hillary instead of fucking shit up - lol! FYI - Anarchists generally don't vote or get involved in elections except to disrupt and discredit them. I can say with reasonable confidence that the smashy set is not supporting the Democratic Party or any of its candidates.
Has Bill stopped campaigning for Hilary? That's the only way a take this insipid makes any logical sense.
Do you know what erstwhile means?
Okay, we'll stop asking Hilary about Bill and keep asking her why she seems like a poor candidate who courts corporate interests

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