I guess I was too busy thinking about how I lost my job when it was sent overseas by one of the trade acts she fought so hard for and how I don't really want to vote for someone who wants to send jobs overseas to notice her coughing...
The 'shift' you speak of is trying to appeal to the far left fringe.
If she isn't careful, this will come back to bite her in a general election.
I remember Howard Dean's famous not-so-barbaric yawp and how that became his sole defining moment, so yeah, Democratic candidates have a history for getting slammed for minor rhetorical slip-ups. Hillary deserves better.

I'm not so certain that her plan is really anything more than attacking the underlying economic inequities in this country, since African Americans are disproportionately poor compared to white folks. Y'know, like Bernie's been talking about. Sure, she identified areas where racism is separated from economics (prison terms for the same offense, for example), but did she actually float a plan to correct that?

I think she said it best in that first meeting with Black Lives Matter: " I believe you change laws, you change allocation of resources, you change the way systems operate. You're not going to change every heart. You're not. But at the end of the day, we could do a whole lot to change some hearts and change some systems and create more opportunities for people who deserve to have them."

By changing the laws and systems that hinder the poor you will be assisting ethnic minorities in the main, and as the country sees more non-white lawyers, CIOs, scientists, senators and so forth then that sense of "otherness" will dissipate. That's how you change hearts.
You should be working for her campaign and it's probably not to late to join
Is it me or is NPR and some other media outlets really pushing Clinton? Fear of a loss, fear of a split and what kind of loss, party or specific candidate?

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