AMERICA is turning into a burning garbage heap of immorality and tyranny. Hello, I'm Phillip Abernathy, and I'm a fourth grader at Donald M. Adams Elementary School—and my concern for America continues. Yes, I may be "only" nine years old, but my eyes are wide open to the bureaucratic corruption that has polluted America—and, by extension, Mrs. Pullman's entire fourth grade class.

Example ONE: "Fish Stick Fridays." Our US Constitution (the supreme law of the land) grants us freedom of choice, and yet, where is the choice, where is the freedom in being served fish sticks at lunch every... single... Friday? Patriots such as myself have taken our grievances to our student government—GRIEVANCES IGNORED. These bureaucratic fat cats (I'M LOOKING DIRECTLY AT YOU, EDDIE "THE BUTTHOLE" THOMPSON) expect WE THE PEOPLE to continuously fill their bowls with chocolate milk, while denying us a single lick. Enjoy that chocolate milk, you freedom-hating fat cats! I hope you choke on your tyranny.

Example TWO: Drones.