OKLAHOMA! This is NOT OKAY. Greg Willis via Wikimedia Commons

Today, in WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS: Oklahoma lawmakers went ahead and passed a bill that makes performing an abortion a felony.

Look, I'm not a lawyer (watching Julianna Margulies pretend to be one in ancient episodes of a now-off-the-air TV drama is good enough for me!), but I suspect that this horrible law, the first of its horrible name, is likely unconstitutional, thanks to the precedent set by Roe v. Wade.

I'm still legitimately horrified.

We know what happens when these kinds of restrictions pass, and it isn't that abortions don't happen. It's that clinics close, and women—particularly low-income women of color—face a whole slew of undue burdens in trying to access what's an extremely common, necessary, and safe medical procedure, not to mention, you know, a basic human right.

Garbage laws like this one are the stale bread and rancid butter of conservative-led state legislatures everywhere. They're introduced at the state level, where they're allowed to flourish like toxic spores that hate women and want to punish people for having sex. This sucks and I hate it and I wish it weren't so—and it also makes a very strong case for voting the fuck down ticket. You know how clowns who like to pass laws like this get elected to their offices? When voters DGAF about local elections.

So while this interminable primary season lumbers on painfully, like a horror-movie monster that refuses to die, please continue to "raise the energy" for the candidate of your choice (although maybe don't threaten anyone?). Please remember who the real enemy is (HINT: Shaming your wife for preferring to eat fish over steak is a serious red flag, and Exhibit A in You Can't Make This Shit Up). And please keep in mind that while the presidential election is indisputably important, it's not the only one that matters.

And maybe consider donating to Oklahoma's Planned Parenthood affiliate.