If this investigation reveals that this kind of conduct continued WHILE HE WAS IN OFFICE, then he should step down. If not, then he should stay.

He has a long road ahead of him, in any case. His initial statement was awful; his subsequent apology better. He should use his platform afforded as a United States Senator to help make this kind of behavior an aberration rather than ordinary.

And, IMHO, he's still a better Senator than Roy Moore could ever hope to be.
Definitely mixed emotions on this one. The picture alone is damning, the apparently unconscious victim aspect in the photo is particularly disturbing. Obviously it is staged but to what extent? Was he egged by other soldiers? Also kind of weird that she is sleeping upright in full gear but that's just speculation. And being pushy about practicing the kissing scene is arguably par for the course in the acting world but becomes more serious if he was in a position of power. He was not yet a senator so it could be said that they were peers in that situation, not that that is an excuse for sexual harassment. But most of all I'm just upset because in all other regards he has been such a brave and righteous Defender of Justice. I admit I am totally biased in praying that this is not what it looks like. Oh Al say it ain't so!
The entire Republican party is populated with tax cheats, philanderers, hypocrites, NRA-owned hacks. The next addition will be a (very strongly alleged) pedophile. And they all deny every bit of it when regularly caught.

And you're incensed about Al Franken.
Update: the photographer who took the picture has weighed in to say that it was a staged picture, that Tweeten was in on it, and that at the time, they all had a good laugh. It was a long tour. All of them were horsing around. This does not speak to the unwanted "tongue in the mouth" treatment -- EEEEWWWWW!!!! -- but every picture tells a story that may or may not be true. Leeanne Tweeten was not known to me because I don't have cable, don't watch Hannity, don't listen to right-wing talk radio where she regularly appears. She may have an axe to grind against them lib'ruls -- and Al Franken is certainly one of those. That said, fuck all y'all tongue-slippers.

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