Roy Moore: Loser/hater/alleged child fucker
Roy Moore: Loser/hater/alleged child fucker Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Remember when Roy Moore's brainwashed devoted wife Kayla argued—in public—that her husband isn't racist because some of their best lawyers are Jews? Turns out, that Jewish lawyer actually voted for Moore's opponent.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Richard Jaffe is an Alabama defense attorney hired by the Moores to defend their son, Caleb Moore, against drug charges in 2016.

Jaffe told the Washington Examiner he has been close personal friends with Doug Jones for more than 30 years and he both contributed to, and raised money for, his campaign.

"There could not be a more passionate supporter of Doug than me!" Jaffe said.

The Birmingham-based lawyer walked alongside Jones as he took center stage to deliver his acceptance speech and plans to be in the Senate gallery on Wednesday as Jones is sworn in.

Thus concludes the mystery of what self-respecting Jew would support a man who has said that Christianity is the only religion that should be constitutionally protected: no one.

Meanwhile, Moore has continued to refuse to concede the election he lost to Doug Jones, and issued a statement last week (falsely) alleging that rampant voter fraud was responsible for his loss and not, say, the many accusations that he has a thing for teen girls. "I have stood for the truth about God and the Constitution for the people of Alabama," Moore said in a statement. "I have no regrets. To God be the glory."

God, however, has repeatedly expressed his distaste for alleged child molestation, and will presumably be watching as Doug Jones is sworn into the U.S. Senate on January 3.