"Just couldn't resist sending you this after your rant about politicians and their dick pics at the top of last week's Savage Lovecast," writes James C. "In my country (The Netherlands) it is local elections this week and as a poster for one of the most liberal parties one gentleman has turned his party's openness to great effect in their marketing. The phrase is 'nothing to hide' on the poster."

The entire poster—NSFYW—is hidden after the jump.


Wiki on the Dutch Pirate Party:

The party purposefully limits itself to a limited number of positions. It wants to curb Dutch copyright law (where it wants non-commercial use to be free), to remodel patent law, to protect and strengthen (digital) civil rights, a transparent government and a considerate handling of IT-projects by the government.[2][3] Its Declaration of Principles says that its purpose is "to change global legislation to facilitate the emerging information society, which is characterized by diversity and openness. We do this by requiring an increased level of respect for the citizens and their right to privacy, as well as reforms to copyright and patent law.