Michelle Wolf: You may never have seen her before this weekend, but now you know she is OFFENSIVE!
Michelle Wolf—Friday obscure, Monday, offensive!

Anyone complaining about Michelle Wolf's (very funny) monologue at this weekend’s White House Correspondents Association dinner this weekend really needs to watch about 30 seconds of this motherfucker, from the 2007 edition of this event:

...then take a deep-knee bend.

Michelle Wolf was brilliant. Her jokes were really sharp and true. And she was every bit as savage, trenchant, and correct about CNN as she was about Mike Pence. Her speech belongs in the pantheon of killer WHCA speeches by Stephen Colbert (the Rove footage above was a direct response to Colbert's having been the first person ever to get in any way real at one of these events the previous year) and Barack Obama (the greatest of all time, and the one with the worst consequences).

HOWEVER, if your larger question is about this weird, 97-year-old burlesque sideshow tradition of having a comedian stand up for 20 minutes and tell a room full of drunk politicians how transparently corrupt and duplicitous they are while the same room full of journalists laugh bitterly, wishing they had the wherewithal to be as forthright, then the next day the only thing anyone wants to talk about is the phony alleged "debate" over whether the female comedian was attacking the female White House Press Secretary's appearance because no one can bear to get all-the-way real about A) language, B) social commentary by women, C) the degree to which this event does more to preserve the status quo than to critique it, D) the Republican tactic of claiming to have been offended by a sexist or racist act when someone, somewhere tells the truth about them, E) the liberal tactic of running away from every important fight in the event that someone, somewhere might disagree with them, F) the damage intentionally being done to the country and every one of its institutions every time a word spoken aloud by Sarah Huckabee-Sanders is placed in quotation marks, or G) the fact that Flint still doesn't have clean water to drink... well, then, yes. It may be time to have that conversation.


Just for kicks: