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Here's a good one. Adult diaper Newt Gingrich—who is perhaps most famous for wasting millions of taxpayers' dollars to not convict Bill Clinton of inappropriate cigar play—thinks Donald J. "Grab Em By the Pussy" Trump is a whole lot like... Abraham Lincoln.

From Hannity Monday night:

HANNITY: You are a great historian, and you are a professor at heart, nobody knows that about you as much as I do. I guess the question is, in history we've had some very challenging times, can you think of a bigger abuse of power in our history?

GINGRICH: Sure. Look, I think the person whose situation is most like President Trump's was Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln is fighting to preserve the Constitution. He's fighting to preserve the union and he's having to do a lot of different things that are very bold and in some cases very radical.

And he is trying to do it in a way that he's deeply, bitterly opposed not just by the slave-owning south but also by a substantial number of Democrats in the north.

And I think that Trump is in a very similar place. I gave you an example a few minutes ago that I think is so astonishing. You go back and look at Benghazi, we know without any question that the President of the United States, Obama, lied.

We know that Hillary Clinton lied. We knew that Rice lied. We know that they knew they were lying, that they, in fact, hid information from Tunisia, or rather, from Libya that said their version was totally false.

And they deliberately and maliciously lied to the American people. That should all be released and we should be able to see who these people really are. And then you should say this also if that's all true and if Clapper and Brennan and others were engaged in lying to the American people, why would they keep their secrecy? Why would they be allowed clearance? And I think that it's very important to get all the stuff out in the open.

Once again, Gingrich and his party would rather talk about Benghazi than, say, locking up children away from their parents for the mortal sin of trying to make a better life. Or, say, the ongoing Trump/Putin circle jerk. Or, I dunno, Trump's slow dismantling of the federal government because he literally does not know what it does and thinks thousands of civil servants can be replaced by a few tall blonde women in kitten heels. Just another day for the GOP!