Michael Cohen, President Trumps former lawyer and fixer.
Michael Cohen, President Trump's former lawyer and "fixer." Mark Wilson / Getty Images

Tomorrow morning, beginning at 7 am Pacific, President Trump's felonious former lawyer is going to offer public testimony to the House Oversight Committee.

Cohen will allegedly talk in "scathing" terms about Trump's "lies, racism and cheating," plus multiple news outlets are reporting that Cohen's bringing receipts with him in the form of documents that "show the president engaged in criminal conduct."

Many are now comparing Cohen's big moment to the 1973 House testimony of John Dean against former President Richard Nixon, who resigned about a year later. So who, exactly, is this John Dean guy?

He was a lawyer in Nixon's White House with a front-row seat to the law-breaking that came to be known as Watergate. He's now 80 years old. And as the LA Times explains, Dean "completed his own transformation from criminal presidential aide to star witness more than four decades ago."

The LA Times continues:

Like Dean with Nixon, Cohen, 52, has the painful experience of working directly for Trump to squelch dissent, undermine opponents and, according to prosecutors, violate the law. His willingness to cooperate with law enforcement has infuriated Trump, who called him a “rat” in December.

Dean and Cohen even looked back on their misdeeds in similar ways.

Dean, who blew the whistle on White House misdeeds to the Senate Watergate Committee and served time in prison, wrote a best-selling memoir called “Blind Ambition.” Cohen told a federal judge that he committed crimes for Trump out of “blind loyalty.

Trump and his team have already talked a lot about Cohen's own criminality, claiming it means none of his testimony tomorrow should be taken seriously. In November, Cohen pleaded guilty to lying to Congress—raising the obvious question of whether he'll lie again tomorrow.

But Cohen says his lies were for Trump, about Trump's affairs and business dealings with Russia, and that he's now done covering up Trump's "dirty deeds."

If that's not enough to get you to set the timer on your popcorn popper for 7 am Pacific tomorrow, consider this: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a member of the House Oversight Committee, could be one of the Democrats grilling Cohen about Trump tomorrow morning.