Without the senate on board (and they won't be, given the GOP majority) impeachment is not an option.


^^^ Trump is both a criminal and a traitor. He still can't be impeached without the senate and the GOP majority in the senate (all of the GOP members of congress in general, from day one) have made it clear that they back the traitor squatting in the WH and have done so since day one. When he finally goes down (my bet is it will take New York state to do what our own federal government refuses to do) all of the GOP will pretend they weren't a part of it. We will just have to see how stupid the base base continues to be.


^^^ He can and would be impeached. The House impeaches. The House impeached Bill Clinton. He would not be convicted/removed from office, which is the Senate's job.


It takes a 2/3 majority in the Senate to remove a president. Impeaching will activate his base to turn out the vote. Constant hearings and subpoenas Benghazi-style is the way to go, through the election cycle. Benghazi had no substance. Trump enquiries will have substance.


@4 there is no point in the house impeaching if the senate won't remove him from office.


Trumpfy inquires, so far, have netted MOST of his campaign heads, and his closest attorneys, begging the question -- is he even Legitimate?

If Fraud is committed in the winning of an Office (the fucking Presidency),
has that person Actually been Elected?

Were it a Dem who'd done what Trumpfy's already done,
how many here think he/she'd STILL be, legitimately, in Office,
and who wouldn't demand Justice?



"And we've had leftist mouth-breathers claiming proof
for months now that the nation's very security was at risk."

Right. We fucking GOTTA Build. That. WALL!

Oh, wait...

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