Finally. Alex Wong / Staff

It's about 400 pages long. It will have color-coded redactions. It doesn't prove that Trump obstructed justice, according to Trump-appointed Attorney General William Barr. It's a "Complete and Total EXONERATION," according to Trump.

But according to multiple reports, people at the White House are seriously concerned about what the Mueller report, even in redacted and pre-spun form, will show when it's released to the public this Thursday.

Even if the report doesn't end up containing any bombshells about how Trump behaved behind the scenes toward Comey, Mueller, Putin, and others, it will hopefully answer THE question of the 2016 election: WTF was going on?

Or, more precisely: What did the Russian influence operation to confuse Americans and help Trump really look like?

Amazingly, more than two years after Trump won the White House, we still don't know. But an entire section of the Mueller report is allegedly devoted to this topic.