These sure seem like the candidates for the Worst Night Ever..
Holy cow, Anarchist Press Conference needs to win.
I.F.P isn't very fun and it's in the lead right now :(
@ byron: refresh a few hundred times. sometimes our poll does that.
The Prince guitar in the photo is pure win.

A.F.P is the clear winner, despite what people vote.

Also, kudos for following through on the prize being a gift certificate to Red and Black.
You could also have a second contest for an album title, using the other band name suggestions or new "album title worthy" ones.

Then you could glue it all together like that "Make an album cover" Facebook meme that was going around last year.

I meant A.P.C. for Anarchist Press Conference.
I voted for "insane frown posse", only because "system of a frown" wasn't an option.
How about "The Red and Black has every right to not serve cops?"
(cough) that's actually my crappy photoshop, though atomic's excellent original gave me the idea.

And IFP should win - it sums everything up perfectly.
Maybe you all don't understand the "Free Market." These fine business owners are free to screen their customers based on how they present themselves as much as the yacht club or the "no jeans" dance clubs. The police are free to take their business elsewhere and "vote with their dollar."

It's the American Way.
CC is correct in this matter.

Man, if I had a dollar for every time I was given credit for the Prince-tar...
@CC SORRY! That was my fault.
@ Hey TruePatriot, they were already nice enough to take the cop's money and serve him coffee before they asked him to vote with his dollars elsewhere.

It's really fun to hear all these super lefties extolling the glories of free markets.
@ Alison. NP, but you could make it up by posting all of the album covers we've made so far (so people can see how derivative my work truly is), and maybe solicit them to make and submit their own....

What's your point? That's all they were obligated to do after giving him his coffee. Their contract was fulfilled.

The argument is dead anyway. Who cares at this point?

The only thing that matters is that luscious Prince guitar and the fantastic shredding that will live on in upcoming Insane Frown Posse songs.
Is that pedal steel? Grrrr...
@ TruePatriot: we all dream to live in a land where you have your ass kicked out the door the moment you have completed each transaction.
CC: I think it's funny how the far left nutters seem oblivious to the fact that their exact reasoning is used by far right nutters to related ends.
"I voted for "insane frown posse", only because "system of a frown" wasn't an option."

That is some Phanfuckintastic Photoshoppery C.C.

Uh "Patriot" it's a JOKE and an incredibly funny one to boot. People making fun of the chicks weight are in poor taste but every other one is a river filled with comedy gold!
You're making me repeat myself. Sorry to all the other readers for that.

It's well within any businesses rights to do that: if you, the consumer, aren't happy about that, you're perfectly free to take your business elsewhere. They've committed no crime, and the marketplace will judge their actions by rewarding or punishing them.
If either you or Colin are able to refute my arguments, which are based in hundreds of years of US legal precedent, feel free. (You will not be able to)

Do you shed the same tears for the poor patrons not let into fine dining establishments without coats?
@ TruePatriot - You are late to this party and seem to be missing the point. Try to have a little more fun if you can! Cheers!
Lefty Rand Paul has a point. Why should we distinguish between private property and public accommodations, like a restaurant? It's not like the law does.

I'm not sure I'd shed any tears, but I'd be pretty fucking pissed if a coffee shop refused to sit a lesbian couple because they made "the other patrons uncomfortable".
@ TruePatriot, no one is saying you are wrong, rather that you are a joyless moron who believes that legal correctness = morally correct (and probably only then when it suits you).

@ Abusive, completely agreed. For shame, fat-shamers. And thanks for the compliment. Hopefully you'll get to see atomic's on this topic, which fairly blow mine out of the water.
Or I'd at least make fun of them in the internet. Something, anyway.
@ True Patriot - This isn't a legal issue so I'm not sure why you're yammering on about rights and freedom. There's plenty of dick moves like what the R&B pulled that are not covered by the US Constitution or the Bill of Rights but we ARE well within our rights to give them shit for it.

This is like Sophie's choice, which of my two babies will I pick?
Hey True Patriot - it's about what's the BEST BAND NAME!??
Sure, you can give them shit for it. I'm just very proud of them for exercising their rights as individuals and private property owners in such a brave way.

Bravo, Red & Black!
...and you expect no one to criticize them.
LEGAL PRECEDENT?! It's a bunch of unbathed brats pretending to be anarchists while using communist motifs (I still can't get over how confused these kids are). This was all discussed last week while you were studying legal precedent.
You guys can see the other album covers over here courtesy of Commenty Colin and Atomic Lantern…
Well that was a heckuva lot of fun, even though my contributions failed to make the cut. I hope the folks at the Red & Black Cafe chose to laugh along, rather than seething over our mean-spirited snarkiness.
You're right, I am a little late to the party. I'd like to submit a new band name choice: "Defenders of The Rights of Private Property, Liberty, and American Free Enterprise!"

God Bless the Market! Shame on any tyrant who questions its efficiency and infallibility!

You're right, D.R.O.P.P.L.A.F.E. is a pretty sweet name.
If I were to go back in time, I would suggest "TruePatriot Fan Club" for the band name
Gotta love a guy with an American flag avatar raving about the free market while defending anar-communists. Maybe he's trying to be funny.
@ Mighty Toy Cannon: I'm pissed for you, too. I picked my 25 faves (out of 400+), and 4 of yours were in there.
At first I thought TP was, in true "patriot" fashion, commencing with phase one of OPERATION: BUZZKILL. However, I now suspect that it is actually OPERATION: PERPLEXED CONFUSION.
@ byron, it's pretty clearly a trolljob.
Also, click on kiala's link to check out some of the awesome cover art from Commenty Colin and Atomic Lantern. Nicely played.
Top 25, simply because I can:

The Prissy Pussy Posse - rich bachelor
Fart sound – blouse party
Daft Punks – atomic
The Baristocrats – seldom seen
Scowl! At the Disco – Jimmy Radosta
Poop Soup – supersarah
Emma Goldman’s Afterbirth – Two Squatting Women
Gnarfle the Garthag – ROM
Bakunin’s shame – byron
Seigneur’s Citizens – King Louis
Insane Frown Posse – Mars
Pabst Smear – Hello
Iron & Whine – Mighty Toy Cannon
No Use For A Bath – mars
Cootie & the Blowhards – MightyToyCannon
Depress Mode – Mighty Toy Cannon
Fountains of Wan – Mighty Toy Cannon
This (Espresso) Machine Kills Fascists – MEEE!
Architecture in Hellastinki / Neutral Soymilk Hotel – Courtney Ferguson
The Neverlaughs – Vichy Schwa
Someone Still Loves You Leon Trotsky – martin
Anarchist’s Look Book - manchvegas
Broken Social Contract – atomic
Nightstick Gloryhole - ramyunmori
Oh Gawd I can't stop laughing. Thanks for your best of CC I agree with every choice other than leaving out System of a Frown (which still has me in tears). I would've come up with my own but was too late to the party and cede to the greatness others.
I was out of town last week and missed what I am sure was a thoughtful discussion, but I have to say the cops probably would not feel too comfortable if the activist types got to hang out where the cops have their meetings. I think the cop in question had a better perspective than the Blogtownies on this whole deal, it was a reaction to the uniform not the person. That photo with the instruments is gold, but still probably not worth the hurt feelings.
but I have to say the cops probably would not feel too comfortable if the activist types got to hang out where the cops have their meetings.

That's an absurd propostion
From what I read, the officer involved seemed to have a "no harm no foul" attitude about the whole thing. What's been interesting to me is seeing all of the different reactions this has sparked in the community. A lot of different ideas were presented both in blog comments over the last week and the name the band posts. This band-naming bit has been a great way to blow off some steam in a healthy and creative way, I think. Maybe that's just me, I like coming up with funny names for things, especially with other people participating. Perhaps for me it is also a way to release some of the tension I feel about this issue, because I see both sides of it and I feel conflicted. I think making fun of things is one of my defense mechanisms, but I still wasn't trying to be mean. I'm not down with the fat shaming, but I admit that I laughed at one of the culprits. Sorry! I couldn't stop laughing yesterday and then again today. It makes me want to read Blogtown more. That's my two cents!
Oh yeah, thanks everybody for your awesome band name contributions!! For reals.
Man, I really should have mentioned "Gang of Pricks" yesterday. I think that could have been a contender judging by the ones that made it. But, I don't really feel that way about the R&B staff, so I nixed it.
I'm happy just to be nominated. *tear*

My favorites:

Anarchist Press Conference
The Baristocrats
Rage Against the Washing Machine

Insane Frown Posse??? That's what people are voting for? That name sucks. Reese's Pieces and At Least We're Not Furries are way more clever...
I thought my own "The Schumakedelic Furs" was clearly the best.
My favorite was actually "Ironic Maiden".
Oh man, so, so, so many L.O. louds. Thank you, funny people. Special mention from me for Mystery At Sadness Lake and all three from martin-Precious: Based On The Novel Push By Sapphire, The Studio Apartments and Most Awkward Orgy Ever.

One Fat Chick And Four Losers gave me my first audible chuckle.
+1 for "Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire."
"(You will not be able to)"

Many lolz were had.
Thanks TK! Ironic Maiden was one of mine.
This was better than that weird underground portland unicorn thing (or whatever it was) from a couple years ago.

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