LET'S GO, BRAINIACS! It's time once again to put your brainy-brain to the test with this week's edition of POP QUIZ PDX—our weekly, local, sassy-ass trivia quiz. And this week, your brain will be tested on how much you know about zebras, local protests, sketchy election shenanigans, and... *checks notes*... GUM. (Not sure if you realize this, but I seem to write very odd quizzes. 🤔)

But first, how did you do on the previous quiz? Pretty ding-dang good! AND for the first time ever, I am in COMPLETE AGREEMENT with what the majority of you said you would buy if you won the Powerball lottery! (Can you please just buy it for me anyway? 🥺)

OKAY, TIME FOR A NEW QUIZ! Take this week's quiz below, take our previous pop quizzes here, and come back next week for a brand spankin' new quiz! (Having a tough time answering this quiz? It's probably because you aren't getting Mercury newsletters! HINT! HINT!) Now crank up that cerebellum, because it's time to get BRAINY!

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