Anonymous Apr 14, 2016 at 6:57 am


"Seriously, all of the men I've gone out have been little boys."

Literally, since you brought an actual little boy on your dates.
Nothing like exposing your child to a serial killer on the first date....Seriously, who does that shit!?!?!
Wait, this was entered as an I Anonymous a while ago.
^ Correct. This shows exactly how pathetic The Merc has become. They're cross-posting a rant from another blog that's disintegrating before their very eyes.

I can't wait until Ida/Dread starts coming over here to talk politics.
Like you could hold a political conversation with Dred. We tried this. You could not figure out Checkers!
xenophobe, you appear to think quite highly of Dread. Ergo, you're fucking buffoon by association.

BTW... WE didn't try anything. YOU tried to sound intelligent and make a sad attempt to appear intellectually superior to me. If you look over your comments, and are actually honest with yourself, you'll see you failed miserably on both fronts.

However, I'm slightly flattered that you're chasing me all over the Merc for some conversation. Sadly, I must join the long list of people (Read: Everyone) who isn't your friend. Enjoy your evening douchebag.
Travon, this rant is about your pathetic ass. And you don't know what ergo means. But back to the PDD, hang in there. You could sell your kid for about 30k. Is it white?
"And you don't know what ergo means."

Look it up moron.
Did it ever occur to you that this is because I think so lowly of you and not because I think so highly of Dred? Ergo, you're the buffoon. No offense to buffoons.
You don't even see how you fucked up trying to sound smart, do you? Ergo, you're not.
Because left an "a" out of a sentence? Nice catch stooge. Good luck trying to address this comment in 5 replies or less.
I thought we weren't supposed to get away with this shit over here, Nerd, but I see nobody is really commenting anywhere.
You're part of the problem, not the solution xenophobe. I have a feeling I'll be reading about your 1st date with Dread here before too long.
I'd go on a date with Dred, see where it goes.

When people stop complaining about meaningless shit and start taking responsibility for their own actions and stop calling people names and hiding behind the crowd, I'll go away. I promise.
No complaining or hiding here xenophobe, and I'm not seeing any action on my part that should cause me to take any sort of responsibility.

Maybe you need to stop being such a wussy little SJW. I hope Dread puts out for you at the prom. Give that hand of yours a little rest for once.

All of my comments are structured to offer the best opportunity for self-reflection. I am glad you are taking advantage.
Careful dude, you're gonna explode if you keeping blowing that smoke up your own ass.
Might be a good way to go. I almost quit my job at lunch today. Fucking beautiful out there. Check it out some time!
So says the guys that posts more than I do. You should ask your manager at Jack in the Box to install a skylight in the break room. It'll do wonders for your attitude. Unfortunately, it won't do anything for your lousy sense of humor.
Dude, look around. It's just me , you, and pollo.
Don't drag Pollo into this dude. Maybe you should start taking responsibility for your actions and stop hiding behind others.
Yeah it's not pollo's fault at all. And I'm all out of negativity for the day, at least. You may pass.
^ Man, I've got an awesome zinger ready, but I must respect your olive branch. I hate being an adult.
#24 right here.
And #25.
#26? You got it: ME.

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