Do you have a pet? A pet that loves ACTION? How about a pet that pretends to love ACTION? Then enter your pooch, cat, ferret, fish, parrot, turtle, or whatever in the Mercury’s PETS IN ACTION photo contest! Simply snap a pic of your pet doing some kind of action pose—jumping into the water, slapping at a ball of yarn, balancing on a ball, humping a fellow turtle, sleeping in a ray of sunshine (hey, sleeping is an action)—and send the photo (full size, please) to by noon, Friday, August 5!

We’ll print the best action shots in the upcoming Mercury Pet Issue, and the grand prize winner will also receive a free sitting and custom pet portrait by a prominent Portland artist that you can hang on your wall at home with pride! Because your pet is the BEST—are they not?

Enter the Mercury PETS IN ACTION photo contest—and get into the ACTION!