Queer Guide 2024

The Mercury's 2024 Queer Guide: Endless Queer Summer

Rainbow signs in windows are legion, and Portland's queer summer is endless.

All Pride All the Time

There’s something happening every weekend, as we count down to Portland Pride!

Kathleen Hanna Is Making a Documentary About Darcelle XV

Fun fact: The riot grrrl punk singer is Walter Cole's second cousin.

Q Marks the Spot

For two decades, the Q Center has been a safe haven for the LGBTQ2SIA+ community—and they have even bigger dreams for the future.

Find Queer Comedy Tonight!

Our roundup of the best queer (and queer adjacent) comedy shows in Portland.

We Are in Cinema's Golden Age of the Lesbian Dirtbag

Celebrate Pride with lesbian cinema! Without crying, for once!

EverOut's 2024 Pride Event Calendar

Don't miss a minute of fun during this year's Queer Summer!


You don't have to be queer to figure out these puzzles... but it helps!

This Portland Gay Bar Is Opening a Family-Friendly LGBTQIA+ Lounge

Since spring, we've wondered about "Scandals East." Here's the plan.


Target Is Canonically Gay! Did the Founding Fathers Kiss Dudes?

A Portland Drag Clown in Residence at the Venice Biennale

Artist Jeffery Gibson invited Carla Rossi to climb his installation on the US pavilion.

Queer Bars in Portland, a History

Silverado was once Flossie's; Lowensdale Park was once a place to cruise—take a brief dive into a history of our city's queer spaces.

Mona Chrome Is—Ironically Enough—a "Walking Crayon Box"

Gary Barnes sees drag as a way to combine their passions for painting, costume design, and dance—all at once!


Northeast Portland neighborhood wine bar Bonne Chance built a queer clientele on allyship and Malört.

Queer Guide Comic: COVID-Safer Pride Guide

Protect your ability to party—and protest—this Pride!

Queer Eye for the Pedalpalooza Ride

Portland leads the way in welcoming riders of all genders and sexualities.

The Long Road to Justice

As the American legal landscape for LGBTQ+ residents 
grows hostile, Oregon works to enshrine rights for all.

Where to Find a Queer-Owned Bar or Restaurant Near You

Fourteen spots to try during Portland Pride Summer—and beyond!

The Future of HIV Treatment Is Injectable

Promising prugs could expand treatment–if we get out of our own way.

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Here’s a fun Portland fact for you to trot out the next time you’re stumped for small talk: the late Walter Cole and Kathleen Hanna are related. 

If you’re new ‘round these parts and need a bit of explanation: Hanna is an OG riot grrrl, fronting bands Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, and Julie Ruin, and the author of recent bestselling memoir Rebel Girl. She is second cousins with Cole, who was perhaps better known as Darcelle XV, a Portland icon and the current Guinness Book World Record holder for Oldest Performing Drag Queen. Cole was donning eyelashes and sequins and reigning over Old Town from the stage at the eponymous club for decades until his death at the age of 92, in March 2023.

“I’m totally royalty,” Hanna, says with a laugh, about her famous relative. Hanna, who grew up in Portland long enough to attend Lincoln High School, is now planning to pay homage to Cole. “I’m making a documentary about him currently,” she explained in a phone interview. “I am just trying to get the final funding for it.”

While that Venn diagram of Portland notoriety is exciting for those of us who live here, the name Darcelle XV doesn’t necessarily conjure up a vision of sequins and snark elsewhere. “It’s so funny, because people outside of Portland don’t understand,” says Hanna. “And part of the reason why I want to make this documentary is because it’s like he’s the mayor. He was like the mayor for 50 years.” The documentary is still very much in the development phase, but count us in for buying tickets.