The whole God's Not Dead phenomenon is getting real. Now that Christian movies are making money at the box office, Kirk Cameron's getting into the act with a movie about the War on Christmas. It's called Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas, and here's the trailer.

According to The Blaze, the main character's name is "Christian White," and he's supposed to stand in for all white Christian males, which, as I understand it, is called "symbolism." The film is reportedly interested in "debunking" all those "myths" about Christmas being a co-opted solstice festival, as well as that alleged falsehood about Christmas becoming too commercial these days. (Finally! I'm so glad we're finally bringing an end to the tyranny of liberal goons arguing against the commercialism of Christmas. Jesus is all about giving your loved ones gaudy plastic shit that won't last three months.)

The film will reportedly also rail against "political correctness," so expect some racist shit in addition to all the other self-satisfied evangelical fuckery.

(I found this video on The Blaze, but Christian Nightmares deserves credit, as always, for being a clearing house of traumatic Christian experiences.)