A bunch of uneducated beta males with nothing better to do with their time.

Check out the episode entitled "Street Fight: A New Wave of Political Violence" from the podcast Reveal. The host Al Letson recently interviewed these idiots (and other right-wing idiots) and their "arguments" fall apart under the simplest scrutiny.

Only the simpleminded feed off negative attention... and these idiots love negative attention!
Well, personally I think they should hold the protests and the marathon at the same time so that they can cut down on traffic disruptions.
I find it pretty fucking common in debating anyone on more or less Trump's Side of any discussion that if you even sort of try to get them to be specific, they just crumble. They aren't just people that lack the courage of their convictions, they can't even talk about things they ostensibly believe.
And that's why I believe we need to stop acting like their beliefs are in any way important, because they don't have any.
but RB its not about beliefs. its not a science problem. a living breathing human is not a theorem. you're working from this enlightenment/liberal (in the old sense) idea of human nature that has no basis in reality. that is why you will always fail and why everyone will fail and the species has at most 500 more years
500 might be pushing it.

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