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On Monday, Lane Community College (LCC) in Eugene canceled a winter term, non-credit course called "What is Islam?" that was designed and to be taught by community member Barry Sommer. In a statement issued Monday, LCC administrators said that Sommer's class “reached the attention of administration after a phone call from a local television station on Thursday" and that, considering recent events in Oregon, it was in everyone's best interest to "pause for careful consideration".


Sommer promotes profiling by the TSA. He also asks the burning question, "Are our kids not even safe when watching cartoons?" after the announcement that a Muslim superhero show called "The 99" would debut in January 2011 on The Hub—you know, that propaganda-driven, anti-American network formerly known as Discovery Kids. Sommer even compares an Egyptian university to the Vatican, claiming that the words of this man guide the values Sunni Muslims.

Sommer is also the head of the Eugene/Springfield chapter of ACT! For America, which he describes on his blog as "dedicated to education about Islam and the threat it poses to western values", an organization available to all "Americans who care about our freedoms and want to learn more on how to stand and defeat Islamic fundamentalism, creeping sharia and stealth jihad".

The president of ACT! For America, Brigitte Gabriel, has this to say:

My question is, how did Sommer ever get his class on the roster? And why did he give a lecture titled "The Nazi/Islam Connection: Collaborators in Genocide" at the University of Oregon's Pacifica Forum? Is there not a screening process for participation in the Oregon educational system? I'm all for the freedom of ideas, but I'd prefer that bigoted assholes keep their agenda out of classrooms and lecture halls.