CALLING ALL SEXY PEOPLE! The Mercury is proud (and sort of aroused) to present our 2018 online Sex Survey—in which we ask you (the average sex-having Portlander) how you have sex, when you have sex, and what flavor of sex you have! BUT DON'T WORRY, THE RESULTS AND YOUR SUBMISSIONS ARE COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS. So feel free to be completely honest about such questions as...

• Have you ever gotten off with someone while video chatting?
• Around how many hours of porn do you watch per week?
• What kinks/fetishes are you into?
• Have you ever had sex with a coworker?
• Before you die, what's the one thing you want to accomplish sexually?

AND LOTS MORE! The survey only takes about 10 minutes to complete, but will give you a lot to think about later (if you know what I mean, and I suspect you might).

PLUS! The survey also gives you the opportunity to enter to win 4 tickets to the Mercury's HUMP! Film Festival and a $69 gift card at Revolution Hall! WHAT? YES!

So what are you waiting for? Fill out the Mercury 2018 Sex Survey right now, and be on the lookout for our Fall SEX Issue, where we'll reveal all the results. REMEMBER: IT'S ALL (well, mostly) FOR SCIENCE.