We pray with all our hearts and souls that they DON'T succeed!

The most important thing to be focusing on is stopping destruction of our environment, our planet, our survival. We can't grow our way out of the problems that growth has been been causing!!


If that were all true, no one would support the Timbers. You know, cause 'we can't grow our way out of the problems that growth has been been causing!!'

Or, something.


FIVE ways to address access:
1). Yeon ramp off I-405 has an exit that goes over the RR tracks to Naito Pkwy. From that ramp a separate ramp would also cross Naito Pkwy directly to/from the stadium parking garage. This ramp may be a "must build" and effects stadium design. ODOT would do a feasibility study.
2). Portland Streetcar is studying an extension off NW 18th/19th Aves to Montgomery Park. At NW 20th & York a stop would be located and a pedestrian bridge over the RR tracks included in stadium design. Addition streetcars would also cross the Broadway Bridge, proceed south to OMSI and reverse direction there.
3). Water taxi on game days is a likely possibility with commercial development of the nearby inlet just south into a fine marina. The blocks north of the stadium should remain undeveloped industrial; suitable for stadium districts empty most of the year.
4). Tri-Met provides bus shuttles from Saturday Market and Salmon Springs stops during game days.
5). Tri-Met refuses to study a MAX subway route beneath Naito Pkwy though it's least expensive, least disruptive to construct and more than "triply" productive than beneath 6th Ave on the Transit Mall. A MAX subway spur north from this Naito Pkwy route becomes possible. Its southern portal is at SW Market St where the Green Line would extend to Milwaukie and eventually Clackamas TownCenter. A 3rd Phase spur from Naito Pkwy beneath Columbia/Jefferson to a portal near NW 16th Ave looks feasible and could add character to Goose Hollow.

Doug Kelsey should step down and leave town and take timid Ted with him. MAX on Barbur Blvd is a fraud! BRT on Barbur studies are salvageable from the $40 million spent so far. I repeat, MAX on Barbur Blvd is dead. A Red Line extension from Beaverton to Tigard, Tualatin AND Wilsonville via the WES corridor is so much better, yet, little Dougie, no want do dat. Dark Blue livery is ugly. Good luck Diamond! This looks like the best site yet. HSR!


5). edit. 1st Phase Naito Pkwy MAX subway has its westside portal beneath the Morrison bridgehead. Red Line would remain on this route. Kings Hill station is retained for 'eastbound' direction only. Providence 'eastbound' stop is removed and Yamhill opened to traffic. Traffic now makes 3 right turns and 1 left turn through 4 stoplights. With this arrangement, traffic makes 1 right turn from SW 18th through 1 stoplight. Much better, and better for pedestrian crossings at all times. Candidate Sarah Iannarone likes this idea.


"Cheek offers up a bevy of solutions—from water taxis, to ferries, to working with Metro to add a MAX line that will service the stadium. He even floats the idea of building another pedestrian bridge over the Willamette. These solutions are reasonable enough, but nothing they can count on to be in place when the 2023 season rolls around."

Those solutions aren't even remotely reasonable. Even if there was a way to run a MAX line to that site (and there isn't, without hundreds of millions in public subsidies) it wouldn't be enough to handle a reasonable share of 30,000 people, and would run empty whenever there wasn't a game. Water taxis and ferries can't move enough people to make a significant difference. And "another pedestrian bridge over the Willamette"? To where? A gigantic parking lot on Swan Island?

Terminal 2 is the wrong site. There simply isn't a workable transportation solution. Portland Diamond Project should be looking at someplace like Lloyd Center or Gateway. They need a site that already has good freeway access, plenty of arterial streets, and heavy transit service.


Remorsely, why support the Timbers or the Blazers, or any other non-locally owned behemoths? If you love sports, go out and play! The Timbers rose up thanks to a huge giveaway by the city to owner Merritt Paulson, whose daddy and chief financier is Hank Paulson, Treasury Secretary under Bush and head of criminal organization Goldmann Sachs, for which daddy Paulson engineered a taxpayer financed bailout after he gambled its way to failure.

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