According to Engadget:

The dude in charge of the yellow label empire has told the Wall Street Journal that his company's internal estimates indicate the iPad has eaten up as much as half of laptop PC market demand. In response to this perceived trend toward more portable gadgets, Brian's outfit is rearranging its inventory to include more e-readers, tablets and smartphones for this holiday season, while slimming down its selection of desktops and HDTVs.

While I'm sure that Best Buy leaked this information to the Wall Street Journal just to give a juicy hook to the press release announcing that iPads will be available at every single Best Buy location nationwide on September 26th, that doesn't make it any less of a big deal. (Appleinsider says that the iPad has eaten 25% of the PC notebook market, too.) Last night at a restaurant, I witnessed three older women (probably ranging from their late fifties to their late sixties) handing an iPad around the table, playing with it for a few hours. Love the iPad or hate it, you have to admit that it does seem to have been a transformative device.