You say you don't visit Gawker sites much anymore since they unveiled their dramatic redesign? You're not alone.

A few weeks ago, Gawker Media disputed reports that its traffic had plummeted due to the redesign recently implemented across its blog network. And Gawker boss Nick Denton had even recently made a cash bet that the relaunch wouldn't cost him page views.

But at Thursday's paidContent conference, Denton acknowledged that his numbers have in fact suffered due to the makeover..."We're probably down by about 25 percent," Denton told Reuters blogger Felix Salmon during a Q&A session. "I'm pretty confident we're gonna be coming back."

When I've needed to visit Gawker sites in the last few weeks (if I wanted to see, for instance, what their commenters were saying about the iPad 2 yesterday), I've gone straight to their mobile sites because their main sites are so confusing. That is not the ideal user situation. The takeaway from all this should be that expecting your users to learn the byzantine ins and outs of your new layout and commenting system is probably not smart business.