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But people are dying all the time, by the very same crimes/behavior we mock constantly. Are comics assholes for bringing humor to situations that occur at the time, but not really on people's minds?

And the death-toll is absolutely miniscule compared to say, people that die via heart attacks, car crashes, every hour, let alone this huge window of time.
Does this mean we ALL have to stop sharing that HIGHLARIOUS photo of Godzilla, Jaws, and the Stay-Puft Marshallow Man converging upon the Statue of Liberty?...

Or that it's okay to share if you live in NYC or NJ, but not if you're on the West Coast?
More or less of a "complete asshole" than the Stranger contributor who has posted twice today to score cheap political points from the suffering of all those affected by the storm?
I've been following the surfing websites, and seeing dozens of pictures of great waves. It's funny how these hurricanes are seen as a godsend by surfers. And the waves they produce are surprisingly well-structured and clean (not just crappy storm surf).…
Humor is a completely healthy way of dealing with stress. Don't tell me how to cope with my family's peril, you Sandy Vagina.
Ugh. Think of all the shit - literally and figuratively - in that water.
Also, since when does the Mercury have a soul?
Geezbro: Some of those surfing pictures are pre-flood. Like, the storm generates high winds, and sends swells toward the coast. The swells land before the storm does.
I'm from Florida and have lived through more hurricanes than you can shake a stick at. Kiss my ass. I'll post that picture if I feel like it, and no, it doesn't mean I'm a sociopath.
@Drunk, yep, pretty much

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