On Tuesday, I told you about ReaganBook, the new social network for conservatives. ReaganBook's biggest selling point was that it could be a home for conservatives who have been flagged for hate speech after posting anti-gay tirades on Facebook. "They kick people off for having an unpopular belief like being in favor of [straight] marriage," founder Janet Porter said when she introduced ReaganBook.

By Tuesday night, ReaganBook was full of internet pranksters starting accounts for Manuel Noriega and Barack Obama and God and Adolf Hitler and the devil. They were posting .gifs of all kinds of porn—gay porn mostly, but because this is the internet also scat porn. The few people complaining about "liberal trolls" were mocked endlessly by sarcastic right-wing parodies using ALL CAPS and obvious misspellings. It was the sort of beautiful, ugly madness you find when the internet comes across a shiny white wall with "Do Not Graffiti" signs posted all around it.

I wish I'd taken screen grabs of the whole site, because now ReaganBook is offline. Going to the site only brings up this message:

Thank you to all those who participated in the pre-release of ReaganBook.com Your participation is helping us build a more secure site. Thank you! Please be patient while we make the necessary changes to keep the site free from obscenity, pornography, and those intent on the destruction of life, liberty, and the family. We will be opening the doors again soon with additional protections in place. As Reagan taught us, trust, but verify.

This from the site that started as a protest of another site's speech rules? So much for free speech! You know, I can remember when ReaganBook used to mean something.