Nate Gowdy

Weekday Trumpdate gives you the latest on the ongoing catastrophe in the White House.

The president started Thursday, like he does most days, screaming at the television and calling for the dismissal of one of the most powerful publishers in the country.

After his morning scream, Don canceled a 2.1 percent pay increase for federal workers, saying that the federal government couldn't afford to pay its employees additional money. That's coming from the same bag of dicks that signed what was essentially a tax discount for his friends and family that is on its way to pushing our federal debt to over $1 trillon.

Satisfied with his screwing over of middle class federal workers, Trump turned back to the Twitter machine to offer new ideas as to why he is losing his White House counsel Don McGahn, the senior lawyer working as the point person for handling the Meuller probe and any possible future impeachment proceedings. On Wednesday, Trump said McGahn's departure was long planned, but then he fired off a series of tweets today that seemed to contradict that.

Uh, bro, we never said anything about the Russia investigation.

Seriously, dude, no one brought that up. Honestly, none of us really wants to think about your freaky kids and how they have sway over the public's business.

This double negative is giving me a migraine.

You know how some people can't stop themselves from horribly mimicking someone else's accent that they are speaking with? Like 5 minutes into a conversation with a British person, and suddenly they're calling their pants knickers, their sweater a jumper, and dropping their r's? Well, that happened to Donald Trump last night, but instead of imitating a British person, he decided to embrace the voice of a foreign dictator.

"If he chooses" Trump will make these war exercises "bigger than ever before." You can see how much he wishes he had the authoritarian control of this country like North Korea's Kim Jon Un or China's President Xi Jinping have of theirs; instead he's faltering, and won only 46 percent of the vote in 2016.

This wasn't directly Trump's doing but I'm sure he had a laugh with this one. A California man rang up the Boston Globe about a dozen times calling their journalists "the enemy of the people," a phrase used as recently as last Thursday by Trump on Twitter, and threatened to shoot the reporters. Given how many lunatics in this country have guns, this shit is legitimately scary.

It's the 587th day of Donald Trump's presidency, and while this Russian operative in the White House hasn't completely destroyed our country yet, he appears to be getting closer everyday.