Weekday Trumpdate gives you the latest on the ongoing catastrophe in the White House.

Independents have soured on Trump—for now—according to a new poll from CNN:

Overall, just 36 percent approve of the way the President is handling his job, down from 42 percent in August. Among independents, the drop has been sharper, from 47 percent approval last month to 31 percent now. That's 4 points below his previous 2018 low of 35 percent approval among political independents in CNN polling, and 1 point below his previous all-time low among independents in CNN polling, reached in November 2017.

Good people of the east coast, prepare yourselves for a massive influx of paper towels:

The Trump administration plans to make it easier to light the whole world on fire. The New York Times has the scoop:

The Environmental Protection Agency, perhaps as soon as this week, plans to make public a proposal to weaken an Obama-era requirement that companies monitor and repair methane leaks, according to documents reviewed by The New York Times. In a related move, the Interior Department is also expected in coming days to release its final version of a draft rule, proposed in February, that essentially repeals a restriction on the intentional venting and “flaring,” or burning, of methane from drilling operations.

Today Trump said the GDP rate was higher than the unemployment rate "for the first time in history." The New York Times says that's false:

Mr. Trump is wrong that G.D.P. growth has not been higher than the unemployment rate in the past century. In fact, it has happened in 185 months since 1948, according to data from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

Woodward says Kelly and Mattis made fun of Trump. Kelly and Mattis say they didn't. Woodward says they're just trying to protect their jobs. And Huffpost is here to give you the whole absurd back and forth. If those two generals DON'T think the President is an idiot, I have serious concerns about the state of our military.

Speaking of idiots, here's Jon Voight crying on television because God gave us a President who finds it difficult to denounce Nazis. What the fuck is this world:

Kim Jong Un is about to trick Trump into attending another self-serving summit, per The Washington Post. The North Korean dictator apparently figured out he can get what he wants by passing the President cute notes:

In a tweet, [Trump] thanked Kim for not parading nuclear missiles at a North Korean military parade marking the 70th anniversary of its founding, a move he described as 'a big and very positive statement.'

'There is nothing like good dialogue from two people that like each other!' he declared.

It's the 599th day of Trump's presidency. I hope we all live to see the 600th. Sort of.