Dolly Parton Hoot Night
Dolly Parton is the reigning queen of Earth, and as her minions, it’s our duty—nay, our privilege—to celebrate her existence regularly. Thankfully, the 14th annual Dolly Parton Hoot Night provides the perfect opportunity to hear local singers cover the Backwoods Barbie’s greatest hits while raising funds for the Siren Nation Women’s Music and Arts Festival. CIARA DOLAN
8 pm, Alberta Rose Theatre, $15-18

Starlight Parade
As a new Portlander, I’m stoked to finally go to the coolest parade in the state: the beautifully lit Starlight Parade. Glowing floats will roll through downtown Portland at dusk, lighting and delighting the streets of adoring fans. Over 100 groups are set to participate, so get ready to cheer till your voice is hoarse. KELLY KENOYER
9 pm, Downtown, free, all ages

Portland Timbers vs. LA Galaxy
After roaring onto the MLS scene with a mesmerizing performance against the LA Galaxy’s new crosstown rivals, Swedish superstar Zlatan Ibrahimović has shown signs of building frustration after a string of recent losses. If the lion wants to get back on the highlight reel this afternoon, he’ll need to find a way past a surging Timbers side who have been perfect at home thus far.
2 pm, Providence Park, $42-175, all ages

Yo La Tengo
For as long as I’ve been conscious of the changing seasons, the beginning of June has marked the beginning of summer. Astronomical purists may swear by the solstice, but once April’s showers have passed and May’s flowers are gasping for water, I relinquish myself to the coming months of sweaty days and peaceful evenings. Soundtracking the former can take shape in any number of ways: looping A Tribe Called Quest albums, making yet another chillwave playlist, acquiring every Burger Records release available. When it comes to hushed summer nights, however, nothing feels quite as fitting as Hoboken, New Jersey, indie rock lifers Yo La Tengo—who, in some heatstroke of luck, will be playing back-to-back nights at the Wonder the first weekend of June. The upcoming setlists are sure to span everything from Ira Kaplan’s roaring guitar epics (“And the Glitter Is Gone,” “The Story of Yo La Tango”) to the ambient leanings of their latest album There’s a Riot Going On. Beyond that, it’s hard to say what to expect from these shows; Yo La Tengo have always hated the habitual. BEN WEINSTEIN
Sat-Sun 9 pm, $20-22, all ages

Stop Making Sense: A Talking Heads Celebration
Ben Tactic and Nathan Detroit spearhead a Saturday night dance party celebrating the music and influence of the Talking Heads.
9 pm, Holocene, $5-10

Nacho Gold
Don't call it a comeback, and don't call it a one-off. From the ashes of local legends The 3rd Floor has arisen the sketch comedy phoenix that is Nacho Gold, with a brand new set of ridiculous situations to luxuriate in, written and performed by Portland veterans Jordi Barnes, Lori Ferraro, Jason Keller, Jason Rouse, Tony Marcellino, and Ted Douglass.
8 pm, Siren Theater, $12-15

Todd Rundgren's Utopia
Todd Rundgren’s talent as a producer, songwriter, and musician cannot be overstated, but it’s hard to tell when he really means it. Like David Bowie and other chameleonic artists cut from a similar cloth, Rundgren skates the fine line between creative mutability and dilettantism. Even his masterstroke, the 1972 double LP Something/Anything?, is essentially a 90-minute riff on pop song sentimentality and the popular musical idioms of its day, making it something of a weird, distant uncle to the Magnetic Fields’ 69 Love Songs. Rundgren found the perfect vehicle for his peacocking when he formed the progressive rock band Utopia in 1974, whose debut, Todd Rundgren’s Utopia, proved that he could write hits and shred. But viewed through a contemporary lens, Utopia’s most entertaining album is 1980’s Deface the Music, an homage to Mersey Beat that might be the last truly earnest thing Rundgren’s done.
7 pm, Revolution Hall, $49.50-89.50

Puddles Pity Party
Need more proof of the power of the internet: In 2013, an unknown seven-foot-tall clown set down his lantern (?), looked disdainfully into a camera, and boomed out a Lorde cover. Then reflect on how Puddles the Clown and his Puddles' Pity Party are headlining the Newmark Theatre. The guy’s talented as hell, but INTERNET. DIRK VANDERHART
8 pm, Newmark Theatre, $35-100

Sugar Town: Fruit Cocktail
Do the twist at this all-vinyl dance party with sounds curated by DJ Larsupreme and DJ Action Slacks. This “flaming, furious queerious dance party” will kick off Pride month by raising money for Ori Gallery, a radical art space amplifying the voices of queer and trans artists of color. And be sure to “dress in your candy-color best.”
9 pm, The Spare Room, $10

Cold Cave, Black Marble, Choir Boy
At its worst, Wesley Eisold’s work as Cold Cave rips the embarrassing high school poetry and outlandish synth-pop from Music for the Masses-era Depeche Mode to fashion a joyless nostalgia trip rife with gimcrack nihilism and melodramatic self-absorption. At its best, Eisold’s work as Cold Cave rips the embarrassing high school poetry and outlandish synth-pop from Music for the Masses-era Depeche Mode to fashion an ecstatic and thrilling nostalgia trip rife with gimcrack nihilism and melodramatic self-absorption. The latter brand of trip reached shimmering heights on 2011’s Cherish the Light Years, a brash blast of dark energy evoking graveyard dance parties and malevolent underground rituals. It is a loud and silly and truly pretty album. The singles Eisold has released since then have tended toward the wan and ponderous end of Cold Cave’s black spectrum, as if the life-loathing goth shtick has finally swallowed him whole. It still makes for pretty great wallowing wallpaper, though. CHRIS STAMM
8 pm, Hawthorne Theatre, $18, all ages

Shadowlands, North by North, There Is No Mountain
As Portland continues to transform into a wasteland of sparkly high-rises, it’s comforting to know there are still a few dark corners left where mutants gather to perform black-clad musical rituals. Shadowlands deftly navigates the new wave and post-punk undergrounds of yore to create something equally compelling. MARK LORE
9 pm, The Fixin' To, free

DJ Nu-Mark, DJ Wicked, DJ Nature
The acclaimed DJ and hip-hop producer known for holding down the tables in Jurassic 5 brings his latest solo stuff through the No Vacancy Lounge for a Saturday night performance.
9 pm, No Vacancy Lounge, $10-15

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