Seattle fans threw down the gauntlet big-time with their massive tifo display to honor the first Major League Soccer meeting between the Timbers and Sounders back in May. It was pretty impressive, with huge banners honoring former stars, massive signage reflecting "Decades of Dominance" and a grand finale (read: twist of the knife) featuring notorious Timbers-killer Roger Levesque photo-bombing the whole thing. Even the most hardened Portland fan had to recognize the sheer epic nature of Seattle's display, and I have no doubt at least a few of the 500+ Timbers Army who made the trip north that day began plotting their response.

Portland fans brashly called with a King high on Sunday, raising their own display before the Timbers fell 3-2 to their arch-rivals to stretch their winless streak to seven.

Members TA spent "several hundred" man-hours creating "The King of Clubs," which featured a giant, ornate playing card with all sorts of Portlandophilic elements: Crowns of roses, thorns, and hops atop Kings with tiny mustaches and hipster locks, plus chevrons, axes, old-school soccer balls, and even the Rose City's river-depicting flag.

So whose display was the real banner effort? Does Seattle's size dominate Portland's attention to detail? Let's settle this, Blogtown!

Portlands The King of Clubs display.

Sounders fans Decades of Dominance display.