Sure, the Timbers got hammered 4-2 by their most hated rivals on Sunday afternoon to essentially eliminate PTFC from Cascadia Cup contention. But before the Seattle Sounders could kick their beloved team around Portland's home pitch, Timbers Army unfurled yet another enormous tifo display:

Call it "Dorothy" or "There's no place like home..." but it marked a slight departure in style for TA, which normally raises banners focused on their club's positive traits. But with a nationally televised derby on the docket, they went right after Seattle, giving Judy Garland a can full of gas and envisioning what the city of Seattle might look like if it burned to the ground (AGAIN).

All in all, another epic display of fandom from a group that seems to up its game every chance it gets. More pics after the jump.

Full view:


A closer look at Seattle in flames:

Seattle hasnt been this hot since the grunge days amIright?
  • Brian Gjurgevich
  • Seattle hasn't been this hot since those glorious grunge days amIright?