• Courtesy Portland Timbers/Craig Mitchelldyer

First things first, SCREW THE RAIN because today is the day to celebrate the return of our conquering heroes, the PORTLAND TIMBERS and their smashing victory against the Columbus Crew. The boys will be showing off their shiny new MLS Cup in two events today, starting with a PARADE at noon, followed by a 6 pm CHAMPIONSHIP RALLY at Providence Park—which is not only free, but providing FREE HOT DOGS?!? These guys just keep on giving! HERE ARE THE DEETS straight from the Timbers mouths:

The championship parade route will begin at the intersection of Broadway and Stark in downtown Portland and will travel eight blocks down Broadway before finishing at the intersection of Broadway and Madison.
Later in the day, the Timbers will host a championship rally for fans at Providence Park free and open to the public, beginning at 6 pm; gates open to the event at 5 pm. In addition to complimentary coffee, hot dogs and hot chocolate, discounted food and beverage will be available for purchase.

ONCE AGAIN... FREE HOT DOGS, GUYS! Sorry I'm obsessing about this, but that's just another good reason to join today's festivities. Our own Abe Asher will be in attendance and file a report from the event if you can't make it, but as I stated before... SCREW THE RAIN, because this is a big freaking deal!