While all this awesome to us design-types, it will unfortunately mean nothing to the old fogies in either state that are running shit. All they'll see are more "progressive types" spouting off at the mouth about their "better designs" and "being pretentious".

Of course, if they had've consulted the TWO COMMUNITIES THEY WERE IMPACTING THE MOST about the fucking design in the first place, we wouldn't be where we are today.

Scrap the CRC and start over. We can do better. Old Ted is almost out of there, anyway. If we can hold off a little longer we can ensure we hire the right person next time.
The real problem is not a matter of "design" in the visual aesthetics sense - the real problem is a matter of design in the functionality and engineering sense: the system failure that will be created at the Rose Quarter and on the arterials of North and Northeast Portland,for example, and the terrible impacts on Hayden Island or downtown Vancouver. The fatal problems with the current proposal are much deeper than whether the bridge "looks nice."
This passes un-noted in the article, but the critique is more devastating coming from Richard White. "The Organic Machine," White's history of human manipulation of the Columbia, is one of the founding texts of environmental history.

In stating that this is a "bridge back to the 20th Century," he is not just making a rhetorical flourish. He is referring to the consequences of the 20th Century's decisions and schemes upon the river, of which he has been the chief chronicler.
A Park-Roofed CRC Bridge can be our Green Golden Gate [below]…

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