One time, four people on the 15 (otherwise known as "meth bus") were all reading books from the Song of Ice and Fire series.

One time, my entire MAX train got the giggles as we eavesdropped on a dad explaining to his kid "why a TriMet girl is getting married to a recycling guy" in a TriMet ad.

One time, there were ants on the bus.*

TriMet stories! We've all got 'em, and most of the time they involve being afraid a visibly fucked-up person is going to throw up on you. (Holla, 20 bus at 8:45 this morning.) Kick Ass Oregon History and TriMet Diaries have teamed up for an event called Humanity on Wheels, which promises stories from local transportation experts and history buffs, plus an open mic where folks can share their own transit stories, and a set that's "like a diorama come to life!" In conjunction with the event, Kick Ass Oregon History's just released a new podcast: “Mad Max: Portland’s Death Trolley!” is basically a death count of people who've died in TriMet related incidents, including accidents and onboard shootings. (But come on guys, no love for former Mercury columnist the Portland Streetcar?)

Humanity on Wheels is tonight at the Jack London Bar (full disclosure: my sister runs the place) under the Rialto Pool Room, 7:30 pm, free

Oh, and also? ALSO? If you are able bodied and under the age of 40 and you are sitting in the front of the bus, you are an asshole. NO EXCEPTIONS. That is all. Good day.