• Olivia Storm

OH. GREAT. You know, I thought we'd dealt with this already. But now it's Halloween, so here we are again, because you monsters won't stop riding the bus wrong.

Let's get this over with. Just like being on the bus, I'm not any happier to be here than you are.


WHY ARE YOU SO SLOW? The rest of us are waiting, Frankenstein's Monster! We are waiting for you to shuffle your stitched-together ass to the goddamn bus stop, and we are waiting for you to shuffle it onto the goddamn bus, and we are waiting for you to accidentally start to get off at the wrong goddamn stop, and then have to moan at everybody as you fumble back to your goddamn seat, and now, here we are waiting for you to stumble off the goddamn bus, Frankenstein's Monster! You seem like a nice guy who's had some bad breaks—but I'm starting to see why everyone in your former village fucking hated you.