Of course this is going to happen and now the only question is why it didn't happen sooner: American Greetings Properties is rebooting their most profitable property/product, Care Bears, because they don't have enough money, and you don't have enough shit cluttering up your house. Seriously, they think you will buy anything, and at least to a certain extent, they're right. Here's the story about this property/product and how they plan on stealing your money.

"The Care Bears are not just a piece of the pop culture fabric, but their messages of caring and sharing are as relevant today as they were when the property was first introduced," said Gabrielle Oliff, marketing director for American Greetings Properties.

"For us, TV is the anchor," Oliff said. "We look at every consumer touchpoint we can create for the brand. From TV comes DVD, consumer products, publishing and a huge presence online. Entertainment really helps kids learn how to play with the toys."