I am jelly. And this is probably tacky to ask, but it's the internet so I'm gonna: how much do they pay extras?
Joneser: I can't quite remember the base pay -- probably minimum wage -- but you get time and a half over 8 hours, then double time over 12. I worked 14 hours the day I extra'd/learned all there is to know about Wizard Staff, so it was a pretty nice paycheck for sitting around all day.
1. It's weird they don't make extras sign no-disclosure agreements on Grimm.
2. No one can make a living being an extra.
3. Portlandia pays their extras way better (and had better catering).
"I've always assumed it's a supplementary non-job, like being a freelance writer."

<- (Is Joe)

It is minimum wage. But, given that I spent most of the day watching them film, nosing around the set, and reading news on my phone, it was the easiest minimum wage I've ever earned.

I was kind of amazed that they didn't make me sign an NDA. I looked over all the legal paperwork and it was all work related, rather than content related. Given that I hoped to blog about this from the beginning, I was scanning for anything that could get my ass booted, but saw nothing.

@U*: Make no mistake, I love being a freelance writer. But, It doesn't pay the bills. I do it for fun, primarily, and it also pays my burrito bill.

@Melogna: If you've ever actually played Wizard Staff I will be highly impressed. That shit sounds dangerous.
CONFLICT OF GRAMMAR: How many sentences does a freelance writer have to begin with, "Me and...," before it changes from a supplementary non-job into just a non-job?
Comments 6 and 7 make an excellent case for why I should take over the Grimm recaps. Plus, I fucking love that show. Episodes 1-5ish were mediocre, but they've been killing it lately.
But comment #6 is yours, @Oregometry...CONFLICT OF INTEREST!
Lay off "me and..." eprophet! Do you want to listen to Janis Joplin sing "Bobby McGee and I"? Or Harry Nilsson's rendition of "My Arrow and I"? Or hear Lobo play "You and I and a Dog Named Bligh"? I didn't think so.
@3: Really? I heard that Portlandia was having a hard time even paying their extras at the industry rate.
Did You get any scoops on future location hot spots? Tonight's episode involved the Zoo and dragons- wish I could have been there.
No scoop on future episodes other than David Zayas is in episode nineteen, and he plays a troll. I didn't want to pester the cast and crew for spoilers. I did ask a few folks about the prospect of the show getting renewed, and they seemed cautiously optimistic for the most part.
Episode #19 is "Leave it to the Beavers." Sounds amusing.
I'm gonna go ahead and assume you're missing an i in the e-mail address.
I've done Grimm four times now as an extra. It is really a lot of fun and they take all types, shapes and sizes for extras. I have run across first timers all the way through "professional extras" (though I can't imagine enough is being filmed in Portland to really live off an extra's paycheck). I know you can also check out for more extra work. You can set up a profile and they cast for Leverage, films and commercials.

The pay for Grimm is minimum wage which is $8.80 right now and if you hit it right, you may just get a free meal out of the deal (or at least snacks). Definitely a fun time and a good way to earn a few extra bucks! Some of the extra work through extrasonly may pay a little more depending on the job.

I agree with the author in that I am not a super huge fan, but enjoy the show and hanging out on set is interesting, though a little boring at times. It is interesting to see how they film scenes and piece them together to make a show. And obviously, seeing myself in the episodes will be amazing! Check out episodes 117, 118 and 119 for me...the best CSI agent in all the land.

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