I mostly agree. (Except I have always been a post-series 1 Rose hater.)

You couldn't remember anything Martha did? Not even in the last episode of series 3?
I think Rita from "The God Complex" should at least get an honorable mention. In my parallel universe, she became the Doctor's companion for at least 8 episodes.

I always feel like I'm in bizzarro world when folks gush about Donna Noble...I hated her.
Medda: Nope. Don't remember it. Completely slid off my brain.

Although I'm pretty sure the scene I'm remembering, where she's jogging around with a big-ass gun, is from the super-extended Doctor Farewell Tour from the End of Time, where her and Mickey are doing action hero stuffs.

To address the lack of both Sarah Jane Smith and River Song: I don't recall Sarah Jane actually being a companion in the new series. I know the Doctor shows up at her school, and I know she pops up at the end Series 3, (I remember HER more than I remember Martha in those last episodes) but I don't think she ever goes traveling with him again, or is a primary component of his adventures. If anything, she's Rose's companion in her episode from Series 2.

River Song I just don't consider a companion, period. She's too much her own thing, and has no problems getting around and doing stuff without the Doctor's help. They cross paths, yes, and do so very frequently in Series 5 and 6, but I don't consider her a companion.

Also, I recognize that many of the people who occupy higher spots on this list have relatively short runs as companion. Which could be considered "unfair," in that they didn't get a chance to decline like Rose & Amy did. But that doesn't make their effectiveness as characters any less, for me.
Correction: Sarah Jane pops up at the end of Series 4, not 3. And she actually helps fly the TARDIS in that episode. So I can see the argument that she should bump Astrid Peth down to 10, and assume the #9 spot.
Captain Jack = COTYAY
Donna Noble = annoying and shrill fishwife
Martha totally wandered the Dalek-conquered Earth for a whole year just to inspire people. And she was kind of badass when she first showed up and was more medical-doctory. But on the whole, pretty mediocre in between.

Personally, I'd bump Rory up even higher for the sheer amount of hell he's had to put up with along the way-- all the waiting, and dying, and getting erased from existence-- without ever getting to be immortal or part-Timelord or any of those other fun perks.

If we're including short-timers on the list, I'd say a strong case could be made for Canton "Badger" Delaware:…
Captain Jack is my favorite. Which is both why I love and hate Torchwood. Talk about a series that has Jane Espenson's depressing ass stamped all over it (even when she didn't write for it). Show is more depressing than Buffy S5-7.
Children of Earth might be the best thing Russell T. Davies has ever been involved in.

Miracle Day never happened.
Donna Noble is my queen.

But Martha is a BAMF and that you've placed her at #10 makes this whole list completely insane and wrong.
Children of Earth was alright. But I missed having the supporting characters from Torchwood. And they killed Mr. Sexy Pants.

Joneser, is Martha your Brother from Another Mother, or am I reading acronym wrong?
Buffy seasons 5-7 were my favorite seasons. NO YOU SHUT UP.
Martha was a lousy companion but was a lot more interesting as a secondary character afterwards.

I don't think it's fair to write off River Song, but include Jack Harkness. If anything, River was the doctor's ultimate companion.

Not sure I'd put her at 1, but Donna was a welcome change of pace as a companion, especially since she's the only one that didn't really have any sexual tension with the doctor. It's a shame she's the worst thing to happen to The Office, which speaks volumes. She didn't ruin the show (far too late for that) but man is she terrible.

Hey, isn't it time for another 76 hours straight of Top Gear?
Thank you for not putting River 'Super Mary-Sue' Song into this list. She is simply the worst idea to hit Dr. Who since Dodo. Okay, maybe Kamelon.
I'd probably rank Rose a little higher, but I really can't argue with the top four... nailed it.
Although my favorite two episodes include Donna, Silence of the Library two part, I never liked Donna. She really annoyed me and I actually thought that she wasn't too cool.
I really liked Rose because her relationship with the Doctor was so special and great to watch, plus she did help keep the Doctor's head on straight and when the Doctor was down in the Abyss in the Impossible Planet episodes she organized everybody. Rose may not have had applicable skills but she could be a leader when necessary.
Then Martha definitely deserves more than #10! She helped bring everybody together to save the Doctor when he was imprisoned and seemingly doomed. She wandered a barren Earth for a whole year spreading the word of the Doctor and really saves the day. She was really an awesome companion.
I've always been on the line about Amy though, so I do agree with her placement.
Really? You can't think of anything Martha Jones has done? Her performance in Human Nature and Family of Blood, as well as the final episodes of that series were arguably the best of any companion. In fact, when you include Blink, she's been present for the best episodes in Doctor Who history.

And this is from someone that loves the last two series (and Amy) the best.
Don't recognize most of the people on the list...

Loved Christopher Eccleston!

Watched two of the David Tennant episodes and haven't watched one since. Have they started hiring people who can act once again?

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