The peeps over at SplitSider obviously have nothing better to do with their time, so author Nicole de Ayora crafted this extremely detailed "modern dance analysis" of the Arrested Development chicken dance. As a reminder...

My personal fave chicken dancer is Lindsay, and here's how dance analyzer de Ayora analyzes Lindsay's artistry:

With the figure of a prima and posture of a drunk, Lindsay turns her carriage under, extending the foot to the side with a kick in attitude and jumping with a step-kick from one leg to the other, much like the oldest of the septuplets of the celebrated postmodern polka troupe Shiykon. Holding her hand high like chicken’s comb in petite pose, the dancer conveys her desire to be heard not with a cluck, but a crow: “Chaw! Che-chaw! Che-chaw!” Belittling her brother’s ineptitude to make any moves on the ladies, Lindsay’s jovial jumps À la seconde embody a celebration in the face of her brother’s shortcomings.

I hadn't really thought of that. Good point. (Read the rest here!)