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You earned this, Portland. I was born here, and have lived in Alberta for about 15 years, so I have the cultural cache to say FUCK ALL THIS PORTLAND ZEITGEIST. I hate it, and the fact that it has me using the word zeitgeist. I can't wait until some other up and coming city takes the Burger King crown from the head of some Pabst swilling trust fund scenester fuck living in a condo on Mississipii and throws it to the next land of plenty-o-irony so I can go to the bodega without having to wade through a throng of fucking mindless idiots queueing up for whatever food card is popular because it has a queue. I'm not even kidding, this is how it fucking seems often.. idiots lining up for overpriced crap because there was a line and so it must be the place to be. It's a god damn snake with fucking neon Wayfarers on sucking shit from it's own ass and Tweeting how cool it is that they are doing it.
Save it for "I, Anonymous", curmudgeon.
Neon Wayfarers are a thing that bros and h**sters can pretty much agree on.
Unsee!? Hell nah would I want to unsee monday funday shenanigans. Do YOU have the balls to wear a chain mail thong out in public? I sure dont! Aw would you rather have seena hot female model in a chain mail thong? ... Me too. But I'm not offended by this courageous warrior. While you focus on his ass (which I have done as well), we focus on comradely, imagination, cardiovascular health, and leveling up our abilities. We have this thing here called color. Ya know, Art. There's a great movie about introducing color into black and white existences called Pleasantville. It well portrays how people can be resistant to change. Ya might want to watch it and be like oh shit, I'm the antagonists in this play.

And then maybe you can metacognate yourselves to the protagonist side ya? Oh shit NOW IM BLACK AND WHITE


Now ya know :)
The dude above has been a wonderful friend of mine since we met last year on the road to Burning Man. He's one of those dudes, who, if you spend enough time on the scene in Portland, you will inevitably grow to know and love. Crazy, smart, and always eager to encourage others, I can't imagine anyone better to represent my home town on national television.
Isn't that Erik?
Dude it's Danny! I've larped with him before, I give the dude mad props for being out there like that. Plus he's a big foxy man and a kind soul.
How about a computer geek in tutu and Mercury t-shirt?
@medicocre - I call bullshit. People in Portland do not call mini-marts, corner stores, groceries or Plaid's a bodega. EVER. You are clearly a transplant and a liar. G'day.
Haha Portland is so quirky and fun!
Oh pardon me, I forgot you are the arbiter of my vocabulary. Fuck off, die.
This thonged man is my best friend, we met freshman year at Grant High in 06, and I wouldn't trade him for the world. He's always got your back and will stand up for anyone and thing he believes in. Like our friend Sarah said and I agree with; there is no one better to represent our little town in this valley! And you think he's wild at Monday Funday, you should've seen him at Last Thursday this summer. Hoot and a holler!

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