Friday Night Lights fans may have noticed this, but for those who haven't, presidential contender Mitt Romney has been using the show's rallying cry to its high school football players as a catchphrase for his campaign—"Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose."

Romney recently referenced it on his Facebook page, and in an Iowa campaign speech, saying:

"We have clear eyes — we know what we believe. Full hearts — we love this country and we can't lose. This is a time for Americans to make a choice. We're going to take back this country."

And now, according to the Hollywood Reporter, FNL creator Peter Berg is crying foul and sent a scathing letter to the Romney campaign, asking them to cut it the fuck out, while adding:

"Your politics and campaign are clearly not aligned with the themes we portrayed in our series," Berg writes in the letter. "The only relevant comparison that I see between your campaign and Friday Night Lights is in the character of Buddy Garrity — who turned his back on American car manufacturers selling imported cars from Japan."

Ow, Ow, OWITCH!! (Dear Mitt Romney, you're welcome to steal "Put a bird on it." No one wants it anymore.)