We mentioned it in My, What a Busy Week! and Film Shorts, but hey, reminder: The Hollywood's got a 35mm print of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan playing through Thursday, and you should go! It's a fantastic movie—even if you don't like Star Trek, you will like this movie—and seeing it on the big screen not only makes the end battle about 4,000 times cooler, it also reveals all kinds of cool little details—like how my Signet Classic paperback of Moby Dick somehow made it to the 23rd Century and now sits on Khan's "Books About Revenge To Read While I Consider How I Will Get My Vengeance Against James T. Kirk" bookshelf, or how Vaseline somehow manages to get smeared all over the lens anytime the clearly aging William Shatner has a closeup. (Plus, geek bonus: It's looking a lot like J.J. Abrams' upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness is going to have more than a few Khan connections, so if you watch Wrath of Khan now, you can impress your date at Into Darkness with all sorts of super-cool Star Trek trivia! You'll get laid for sure!)

Showtimes for Wrath of Khan (and some other movies too, I guess) are here.