When this happened three years ago—some butthole peed in the Mount Tabor Reservoir, forcing the grossed-out city decided to dump the whole thing out—everyone lost their minds. Hate mail poured in. And the city's water bureau found itself fielding calls from national comedic television programs.

I guess Portland really has changed since 2011. Because the same thing happened again this morning—except more than four times as much water will be dumped, some 38 million gallons. And now no one seems angry at all! Even though, this time there's even security video showing the moron skateboarders in action.

(How moronic are they? They wanted to climb in the very same reservoir one of their dim chums just peed in, my colleague Erik Henriksen helpfully notes. [I used italics to emphasize that point, just like Erik would!])

Anyway. You can watch it all below. The water bureau has put out the footage. And while you might be tempted to argue this is fodder for covering the reservoirs, maybe don't try. The reservoirs will be covered whether you want them to or not, because of a federal mandate. And even if that wasn't true, one jerk's pee is literally such a drop in the bucket you'd never even know you were tasting it.